There is no better place to relocate to in the continental United States than sunny Florida!

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  • Forget all about freezing to death for 6-9 months out of every year
  • Most of the time it rains very little and when it does it’s usually a quick afternoon shower to cool things off
  • Despite the rumors hurricanes have very little effect on the day to day lives of Floridians
  • Sunshine, and lots of it! There are not too many cloudy days to deal with when you live in Florida
  • You don’t have to worry about ice and snow damaging your real estate investment year after year.

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 The Beaches

  • Florida beaches offer endless relaxation and beauty
  • Have fun in the water and the sand with the whole family
  • Build a sand castle, go swimming or just layout and get your tan on!

People Relocate From Many Areas

Usually people relocate from the eastern seaboard, from areas such as Virginia, if so try Northern Virginia, NewYork, Washington D.C and Boston. That being said you will find happy Floridians from all over the United States and for that matter all over the world.


We will be updating our website to include a complete real estate IDX  feed very soon so please keep us in your bookmarks and check back often because soon you will be able to search all of Florida for just the home or property that your family is looking for. We like to list websites that have good real estate services from the northern states to help searchers in those areas as well as in Florida.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northern_Virginia is a good source for house hunters in Northern Virginia and check out this page. Also check out www.findyour home boston.net if you are located in that metropolitan area.


This helpful video shows just how many great deals can be found on homes in Florida in 2014



Is a great real estate resource as well!



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Other Florida Resources

Florida is also known has the “High Tech Corridor” because of the large and growing number of tech companies throughout the Super region. Dragonpoint Software is one of the best custom software development companies  in Florida and there are many other examples. From human gene projects, to NASA and so much more. You can find more information on Florida here. Please drop by from time to time for more Florida information.

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